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“Style Matters” – Ava & Areen Krikorian

The multicultural sisters (Ava & Areen), coming from an Armenian origin, were born in Baghdad and grew up in Baghdad, Turkey, Brussels & London. They speak five languages (Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, English and Dutch).

After moving to Europe, they studied  International Relations and Business In Webster University London. While Politics are so far away from this Blog, they are trying to embrace their dream since they are wholeheartedly obsessed with the world of fashion. They want to share their view with the rest  of the world.

That’s why they created this blog to post their daily outfit choices, and writing articles about fashion with all it means from textures, fabrics to colours and brands. They share their sense of middle-eastern flavoured style with European fashion from their experiences from their childhood until now by traveling and moving from country to another. Adding the magic full impact of fashion to their viewers’ lives.

While being a partner in a Lawyer’s Firm and newly momma’s in a very interesting city in the Netherland, their aim is to bring the Londener and Parisien vibe to their viewers’ daily lives!